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Attract the Wealth and Time for all you want. Have Everyone Love You. Embark on a Transformational Journey for a Successful and Happy Life.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

Norman Vincent Peale

Open Your Mind And Realize How Much There Is To Life. Imagine The Discovery Of Possibilities In Your Life You’ve Never Imagined.

Improved Relationship

communicate effectively with others and with your inner self

Wonderful & Rich Life

enjoy overall wellness and happiness

Great Results & Successes

soar further in life with the results

Those Seemingly Impossible Dreams Are Actually Possible! Now It’s Your Choice To Live The Life You’ve Always Wanted

You Can Dream Of Getting Rich, Getting Back In Shape, Salvaging Or Improving A Relationship, Spending More Quality Time With Your Family, Living A Stress-Free Life Or Finding True Love And Happiness. The List Goes On…

How Much Do You Desire The Life You Wished For? How Much Effort And Resources Would You Put In To Achieve Them?

Want to Live Your Dream Life? Take Action Now to Transform Your Dreams into Reality. See the Results for Yourself.

Be a Successful and Happy Person.

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Negative Thoughts

Feeling Lost And Stuck? Experiencing Frustrations Daily? Not Knowing If You Should Proceed Further?

You’ve got probably too much unnecessary thoughts and external influence from others. It’s okay to think through but don’t be bogged down by thinking too long, else you’ll never ever going to take any actions. Trust me. We can think up of 101 excuses, scenarios and what-nots in any given situation easily. That’s why you struggle in life.

Your Many Excuses…

There are 3 common things running through your mind right now:

  1. I don’t need a coach as I’ll eventually find a way out
  2. I don’t have time for these as I’ve more “important” things to attend to
  3. I don’t have money to get these coaching programs as I’ve other things to spend on (oh wait, you do have money to spend on other “better” things than to invest in yourself?)

If you keep on going through the above three points, then you’ll forever be stuck in you loop of struggles in life; always thinking you’re unhappy. Now, think again… think about your lifelong dreams and happiness in life…


There Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of To Be Seeking Help To Achieve Your Dreams And Goals.

  • If there isn’t a need, then why are you unhappy and complaining about your life right now?
  • If you don’t have the time, then why would you have time to catch a movie, surf Facebook or just waste it away? What’s more important than your own life and happiness?
  • If you don’t have the money, think again, you’d rather spend the same amount or probably more on a holiday trip for a short term satisfaction rather than a long term happiness? – It’s not that you don’t have the money, it’s whether you see the value in achieving something greater in life for yourself, for your family and for your kids. If you don’t see the importance of investing in your own happiness, then you are welcome to continue living your current life and still feeling miserable.

You Have Got To Create and Expand Your Vessel And Capacity NOW To Be Ready To Start Receiving More Of The Wealth, Health, Happiness And Successes You’re Looking For!

Things Will Only Get Better If You Take The First Step Now And Embrace The Future

The Result of Inaction or Inappropriate Intervention

Most people somewhat are aware of their own issues and they know that they need to work on them. However, how many have the right mindset/vision and can follow through their plans? And how many can really overcome and solve the underlying root cause on their own? Sadly, majority don’t.

No single person in this world has a perfect life, but we can all work towards perfecting it the way we want. Even a wealthy person who has achieved great success in his career may have something lacking in other aspects of life such as family issues.

So you’re responsible for your own life, and only if you’re committed to achieving breakthroughs in life, I’ll be there for you to hold your hand towards a well-rounded success in life. Take action NOW and don’t let regret consume you when you’re in the dying bed.

You Are Not Alone In This Journey

I’ll Help You Discover Your Potentials And Life’s Possibilities



1. Know Your Life

define life with clarity

2. Discover Your Life

discover the possibilities in life

3. Live Your Life

dance and experience life

About Me

I’m Yun Kai! My life has been transformed ever since I attended Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification course back in 2016 when I was looking for a breakthrough in life. Since then I’ve never looked back and I’ve never stopped acquiring new skills to coach my own life as well as touching the lives around me.

My dream is to help as many people as possible stay happy by achieving the impossibilities – the goals or dreams you thought were never possible!

However, the main thing is…


It’s your story to  write in your life, and I’ll be your guiding arm to help you help yourself write the stories you’ve always wanted. It’s all about you.

Be ready to change. Be open to all ideas. Be true to yourself. Be committed to your goals as I’m committed to you. 

​And you’ll achieve what you really want in life.

Does It Work? If you come in with a closed mind then it definitely won’t. However, if you are willing and determined to try, you definitely will see the results. Put your doubts behind and let’s find out during our first exploratory session together and you shall experience it to tell the story!

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    “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

    Sally Berger